Shark Week takes first bites

Whoever came up with the idea for “Shark Week” was a genius. (Wikipedia tells me it was someone named Tom Golden.)

Whoever came up with the idea to have swimming legend Michael Phelps race a shark during Shark Week… super duper double genius.

Seriously, who hasn’t been talking about Phelps vs. Shark the past month or so? This thing got more hype than the actual Olympics where Mr. Phelps made his bones.

I was curious to see how, if nothing else, Discovery Channel would be able to fill an hour (actually 66 minutes) with something that obviously was going to take about 30 seconds. Well, they did, and I was riveted from the word go. Spoiler alert: the shark wins, but seriously, how exactly did you think the race was going to turn out?

And thus we commence another Shark Week, the Discovery Channel equivalent of Christmas at the North Pole. I was unaware until last night that there are a couple more Phelps-shark episodes in the can, including something called “Sharkopedia.”

How about Rematch-opedia?


My wife tells me this blog is often too political, so at the risk of showing my human bias and offending any shark fans out there, let me simply say nice race, shark. Way to represent.

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