Unforgivable sin

The man who brings two of my favorite things together better than anyone else is John Schnatter. Don’t know who John Schnatter is? How about Papa John Schnatter? Yeah, that’s the guy: Papa John. Bringing sports and pizza together better than anyone.

But not now, apparently.

Papa is out as CEO of his own company, a few weeks after his controversial comments connecting slumping sales at Papa John’s (the official pizza of the NFL) with player protests over the national anthem. Whether this relationship is valid or not… you just… don’t… say things like that. That’s Unforgivable Sin #2 in this world. Number one is sexual harassment; number two is professing right-wing political opinions.

Apparently Schnatter is staying with the company in some capacity or another. (Delivery guy? Dishwasher?)

Maybe they’ll still let him be in commercials.

Standing there silently. Probably washing dishes.

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