I don’t hate everything… this movie was great

Months ago I put a movie called Book Club in my Netflix queue. Released in May I had completely forgotten about it until it showed up at my house a few days ago. I figured if First Wives Club was funny this one would be too.

It’s not First Wives Club at all. It’s not man-hating or over-the-top girl power or anything like that. Yeah, the men in the movie are pretty one dimensional, but the women are actually compelling as characters and move the story forward. Plus they’re funny. And no one is taking this too seriously.

Ten of the most well-known actors of the past 40 years or so top the bill (yes, you read that correctly) and everyone hits his or her mark like someone who’s 40 years into a great acting career. Resting on laurels? Not really. There’s a sincerity in each role that goes beyond your average chick flick.

The film is directed by Bill Holderman. Who’s Bill Holderman? Alexa doesn’t even know. Guy doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. He’s gonna be our generation’s Garry Marshall if he can put together movies like this one. He and cowriter Erin Simms bring us quick, witty banter that is worthy of Nora Ephron. Dare I say Ephronian.

There’s a plot in there somewhere. Several actually. But it’s all about the people. Little stories. Their stories. Our stories. And you realize your life isn’t as weird as you thought it was.

Or maybe it is and you’re actually in a movie.

Hope it’s directed by Bill Holderman.

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