This could have been so good

For more than a decade I’d been a closet fan of The Killers, Las Vegas rockers who have brought me occasional joy this century amidst what has passed for “music” the past 18 years.

Their new single, “Land of the Free,” is a great study in contradiction. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a song more, musically, with which I have had such displeasure with its lyrics. Those last few stanzas of “This Land is Your Land” (go ahead and google it)? Maybe.

“Land of the Free” begins with a piano intro that can be described only as Billy Joel-esque. Okay, check number one. Sweet chorus with some surprising chord choices? Yeah, check two. And the sentiment of America? Yes, yes, and yes.

Unfortunately a full read of the lyrics shows the title and choral refrain as pure irony. This isĀ not the land of the free, say my friends from Sin City. Too bad, because I really like the song. And I suppose it does give us something to think about and something to strive for in the future.

Until then, please, somebody produce a Muzak version of this one stat!

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