’90s time!

It started with The Last Dance. Then it was Fuller House. Yes, the time is now for a full-on ’90s revival.

Think about it. Society has only about 30 years worth of material. About one generation, right? In the ’80s we had a ’50s revival: Back to the Future, wayfarer sunglasses, heck we even had a washed-up ’50s movie star as President! In the ’90s we had a ’60s redux. Woodstock ’94, anyone?

The 2020s are going to be ’90s central. People who grew up in the ’90s (that would include yours truly) are now, for better or worse, the people creating mainstream content and driving the mass-marketing bus. (Sorry to burst your bubble, teenagers… it’s always been people in their late thirties and forties.)

I’ve got my Pogs and Magic cards ready.

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