Rule #1 of life

AAA World, the bi-monthly publication of the American Automobile Association (that would be “Triple A”), has a section I gloss over in each issue called Public & Government Affairs. This month’s headline: “Traffic crashes and fatalities drop with stay-at-home orders.”

Yes! This is something I can work with!

The following is fantastic in more ways than one: With stay-at-home orders in effect in many regions of the country, cities and states across our club’s footprint were reporting that traffic volume had decreased by 50 to 70 percent, resulting in a reduction in car crashes in many areas.

Standard joke for many years: how to end car accidents… ban cars.

The piece continues: When traffic on roads lessened dramatically, however, some drivers took advantage of the situation to give “rush hour” a new–and dangerous–meaning. Law enforcement groups have reported that some of those still driving had begun to travel at higher speeds, sometimes well over posted speed limits.

This is rule #1 of life… people respond to incentives!

Marvelous. So marvelous.

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