Mind blown

Nineties redux continues at the O’Connell household, no trouble for my wife and me (who lived through the era), but sometimes a challenge for my son. Who was born in 2014.

Video games have brought him to the last century. My son is a ’90s video game juggernaut, and yes, I’ll take most of the credit on that. Okay, Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES actually came out in ’88, but I started playing it in the ’90s. Actually played it through the ’90s and, well, still play it today, 30 years on.

Yesterday afternoon my son suggested I try to “jump down” at the beginning of World 3-1. Certain death, I assured him. No, no, Daddy, he said; just try it and see what happens.

Secret warp to World 5.

Mind blown.

My boy.

Nineties kid.

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