This might be way more sinister than we thought

An all-too-popular conspiracy theory, floating through the American psyche and blogosphere since March 2020, is that COVID-19 is actually some grand government plan to expand the size of the state and keep citizens subservient for the rest of human civilization.

None of us is allowed to go anywhere or do anything or conduct any business. (Not quite, I know, but it’s not exactly 2019 here.)

Interesting theory.

I think the greater danger today and moving forward is that it is not a government edict keeping us from interacting with one another. We’ve just gotten so comfortable being distant (in all senses of the word) and having excuses forĀ not doing things that the effect is the same as the giant boot of the state.


(And if the conspiracy theory is true… wow, that worked out better than they could have imagined, eh?)

Let’s prove them wrong.

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