DeGrom update

I knew the deGrom jinx would work.

Walking off the mound Wednesday evening, having given up an awful one run in six innings, deGrom’s otherworldly ERA+ had fallen to 744, only about triple that produced by the greatest pitchers in the greatest seasons of all time.

DeGrom has given up exactly two earned runs this season in 35 innings. Both have resulted in losses. His record is 2-2, probably the most spectacular 2-2 in history. He’s pretty much been snakebitten his entire career; remember, this guy won two straight Cy Youngs being a total of four games over .500.

Several times this season deGrom has helped himself at the plate. (Maybe that’s the only way he can get a W.) Alas, ol’ Jake was 0-2 with the bat on Wednesday, his average crashing down to .462.

Still not bad, I guess.

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