I’m from the government, and…

Headline from one of my local rags, Loudoun Now, from its April 28, 2022, issue:

“Requiring Affordable Units Has ‘Minimal Impact’ on Developer Profits: Consultant.”

(O’Connell does spit-take.)

Yeah, actually I’m not sure whether I should laugh or just #smh on that one.

“Minimal impact on profits.” That’s rich (pardon the expression). Don’t worry, you’re not going to lose that much money.

This is the best argument my local government comes up with? Relax, businessmen, we’re not messing up your projects that much.

Don’t people in business love it when government folks tell them how to run their affairs? At least this one’s honest, in that they’re upfront about the fact this will cost them money. Just not that much. Only gonna hurt a little.

To paraphrase an old Ronald Reagan line: I’m from the government and I’m here to hurt you only a little.


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