Still got it

Friday on Math and Musings I made a cryptic reference to “other things” I had going on this weekend besides the Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day. I didn’t want to say too much in case it was a flop, but having gone successfully I’ll now make note of Loudoun County’s “Run the Greenway” road race, a soggy affair held Saturday morning along Virginia’s Route 267. Let the record show I never drive on 267 because there’s a toll, but for the novelty of running on this highway I’d brave even the Binghamton-like conditions I encountered.

I never run in bad weather because I never really run in nice weather either. Ain’t my thing anymore. But it was my thing for many years, and like falling off a bicycle you just never forget. I walk up to the starting line and figure I can still do it. Same reason why I never practice the piano. I practiced for like 30 years. Now I pretty much got it.

Running in a road race? If it sounds interesting I’ll do it even in a downpour.

Because I still got it.

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