Series ended(?) up being a winner

Sunday night was the concluding episode of Winning Time, HBO’s series on the 1980s Lakers. Apparently there will be a Season Two, so let me instead say concluding episode of Season One. (Until today I’d had no idea there would be more than this single set.)

I’ve had mixed feelings about Winning Time since I panned its first episode two months ago. I feel as though it got better, though not necessarily any more true. In fact, as the season went on it seemed to get more and more fictional, and more and more, well, actionable. Though I said some time ago that I hadn’t heard any former Lakers players in arms about their depictions… now I have. And if I were them, yeah, I’d probably be upset. Nobody looks too great in this one, with the possible exception of future commissioner David Stern, ironically one of the few people depicted who can’t sue.

(He’s dead, by the way.)

I guess the thing to remember is that it’s not a documentary, it’s a TV series.

And in the end (or at least the end of this season)… a damn good one.

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