June 30, 2023, is marked on my calendar

One of my goals for 2023 is to have my son see at least some of The 365 Greatest Movies Ever Made and the Days You Should Watch Them. I figured we should start with the classics, and this week I had him watch all four Indiana Jones movies.

Yeah, all four. In a week. Four days, actually.

I tried to explain to him how moviegoers in the ’90s and ’00s had to wait 19 years for a fourth Indiana Jones movie while he had to wait only 19 hours.

His response was something along the lines of… eh.

But he loved the movies.

And as of this moment he’s caught up.

As of this moment.

Whatever I put to watch on June 30 this year… forget it. We’re going to see Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

My son, the Indiana Jones buff.

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