Tea Party dealt fatal blow!

Mainstream media’s been lookin’ to write this one for years.

And every so often they do, warranted or not.

Gotta love how these guys suddenly become fans of establishment Republicans when it becomes convenient for them to do so. More proof that the opposing factions in this country are not left and right, Democrat and Republican, not liberal and conservative, but those who are enamored of our establishment, two-party oligarchy and those who promote freedom, limited government, and American ideals. Too bad the vast majority of those in the media are on the wrong side of this one. And nearly everyone currently holding office.

Together at last

The music of Frank Sinatra finally made it to Mad Men last night. Of course true Sinatraphiles hate the song “My Way” and true Mad Men aficionados hate this season… but nobody’s perfect.

Haven’t we seen this before?


Such controversy abounds regarding the First Lady and others, of whether a Twitter hashtag “is enough” to aid in the effort of bringing home the kidnapped girls of Nigeria.

Please, Seinfeld did this bit 19 years ago. Anyone remember Kramer at the AIDS walk?

Lewinsky back in the news

Clever? Calculating? A willing pawn of the Clintons? An agent of the vast right-wing conspiracy?

What do I think of Monica Lewinsky in 2014?

I’m reminded of the words of my good friend, Howard Roark…

don’t think of her.

Case closed.

Rand Paul comes to Arlington

I had breakfast with Senator Rand Paul this morning.

Okay, me and a hundred other people.

One of the frontrunners for the GOP presidential ticket in 2016 addressed a crowd of supporters at the Leadership Institute in Arlington this morning, part of Morton Blackwell’s summer “Wednesday Wake-Up” series. I’ve expressed my reservations about the Leadership Institute before, but they seemed to do it right this morning so no need to mix messages.

Senator Paul arrived clad in his company softball league attire (no joke, the man gave his address in a jersey and baseball cap), proof if it were ever needed that he is not part of the Washington Establishment. Amen.

Likely you’ve heard his talking points before (and The Establishment is one of them), the overarching theme of which is a return to limited, constitutional government that respects the personal freedoms of its citizens. Amen.

On politics, Paul pointed out that there are two ways Republicans can make progress electorally. One is to water down their message and attract more people into the fold that way. This is the way that’s been used unsuccessfully for decades. The other option, which has brought success when used through the years, employs a clear, positive, and optimistic message about limited and constitutional government. Guess which one he supports.

One hates to go through life caring about who wins elections. But there has never been a greater incentive to do so than today. If Rand Paul runs for president in 2016 I’ll be happy. If he wins I’ll be even happier.

But it’ll probably cost me more than 10 bucks to have breakfast with him.

Some remote corners of the world still do it right

This weekend I spent two days in Winchester, Virginia, at its annual Apple Blossom Festival. “The Bloom,” as the locals call it, is no joke, drawing tens of thousands to this otherwise two-bit town for a few days of diversion and merriment.

It’s good to see that in this crass and jaded world in which we now live there are certain glimmers of Americana for us to discover. Winchester is where real Americans live doing real American things in real American small towns. The festival is sort of a family-friendly version of Mardi Gras meets the Kentucky Derby. Sadly, though, I must report that within the last few years the locals did discover one trick the rest of the world learned years ago: that fair food and games should be as overpriced as they are in airports and wartime. (Joke was on them, though, as nice weather is still free.)

Kudos, Winchester, for another fine Bloom. See ya next year!

Basketball anyone?

Meanwhile, those who actually care about the game on the court rather than in courts were treated to three great games last night, in which three teams facing elimination won three Game Sixes to force three undoubtedly good Game Sevens.

Basketball 1, Politics 0.