Some real investigative journalism

A front-page story in my local paper (that would be The Washington Post) this past Sunday describes a disturbing trend. It seems as though many impoverished areas of this country also have high rates of disability claims. In other words: false disability claims from people who just can’t find a job.

(Yeah, no one has ever made that connection before.)

The ground-breaking discovery in this protracted piece was not merely the above connection, though. It was that in addition to this insidious relationship, these same people also…


Yup. Scum of the earth. Thanks for that hard-hitting journalism, Washington Post.

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  1. Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

    No. No. No.

    Someone who cannot find a job cannot simply “sign up” for disability. It is usually very difficult to successfully get payments. That is why there are lawyers and companies to assist people who want disability qualification.

    A person on disability gets payments that give him a poverty living rate. Disability claims are one thing. Getting the assistance is another.

    Many people on disability are unemployable.

    They voted for Trump? They didn’t vote!

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