It lived up to its billing

You knew it was going to be epic.

The Dodgers-Giants rivalry is like the new Yankees-Red Sox.

Actually Yankees-Red Sox is like the old Dodgers-Giants, so um, yeah, we’re back a century or so.

I’m pretty sure Tom Brady was playing back then too.

“TV” still bringing it

With the end of Ted Lasso‘s season last Friday (a stellar end to a stellar season, by the way), I thought I was done with “TV” for a while. But between two of my favorite filmmakers–Ken Burns and Walt Disney–I’ve been entertained every night since.

First, there is Ken Burns’s new saga (calling it a “documentary” just doesn’t do it justice) on the life and times of Muhammad Ali. It’s worth eight hours of your time. Yes, there’s the usual “PBS” topics of racism and bigotry, but let’s face it, that’s part of the Muhammad Ali story. There’s enough actual boxing to keep sports fans (and Republicans) entertained. The story is raw and real and sometimes hurts. Like boxing.

Also available on “TV” these days (a week or so after it was on actual TV) is another 90 minutes worthy of your time. It’s called The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Happiest Place on Earth. (Yeah, it’s been 50 years.) Walt had been gone for five years by the time his literal and philosophical heirs finished plans on the “Florida project” (a.k.a Project X and a number of other names before WDW was revealed) and the show describes the founding with Ken Burns-like respect. Enough music and cartoons to keep kids entertained and enough history to keep old folks (that’s me) happy, this one is not to be missed.

God bless TV.

One of my favorite anniversaries

Back before we talked about WARs, launch angles, and exit velocities a pitcher once threw a perfect game in the World Series.

His name was Don Larsen, and for the rest of his life (he died last year) he signed his name “Don Larsen, 10-8-56.”)

Today is the 65th anniversary of Larsen’s magical day, which brought the Yankees one step closer to winning their first championship in three years. (For the Yanks of the 1950s that was a drought.)

For a further discussion, listen to this week’s broadcast of Math and Musings.

Actually it turned out okay

For a weekend that started with a devastating Irish loss to Cincinnati it didn’t end up bad.

A come-from-behind win for The Football Team and a Yankee walkoff W, setting up a one-gamer with those pesky Boston Red Sox on Tuesday.

Someone call Bucky Dent. We might need him.