Long weekend

I honestly don’t remember the last time I went to work for five consecutive days. Definitely some time in the last century.

This week has been hard, but at least I’ve got a four-day weekend coming up. Well, the kids have a four-day weekend; teaches have to go in Tuesday.

Without students.

Let’s call it a 3.95-day weekend.

NFL playoffs

Underdog winners and unusual matchups and surprise endings in the NFL playoffs, yet they added up to three out of the top four seeded teams making their respective conference championships. Those will be highly anticipated contests this Sunday, in what is always one of my favorite sports days of the year. (I believe it’s topped only by the “real” Final Four, that of college basketball. Seriously, how good is Final Four Saturday?)

I guess it doesn’t really matter to me who ends up playing in the Super Bowl. It’s gotta beat seeing LSU play Clemson or the Red Sox play the Patriots or however those things usually go.

Really we’re just in it for the commercials and the halftime show, right?

Spring Break!

The unusually mild temperatures this weekend made it feel a little more like Spring Break than a winter weekend, no?

Well, like the real Spring Break it’s back to reality today, and unfortunately with this “Spring Break” there’s about another three months of winter to follow.

But after that…

it’s Spring Break!

I always thought we should have Spring Break more often.


Jeopardy! fever is contagious

The folks at Jeopardy! have got to be pleased with themselves. Ratings this week for the “Greatest of All Time” tournament are through the roof, reaching territories not usually reserved for early-evening gameshows.

Of course one of the great things about watching Jeopardy! is that you get foolish ideas like hey, I could do this!

And then you find yourself signing up to take their online test… yet again.

Now if you’ll forgive me I’ve got to get back to studying.

Four decades… so far

When he suited up for the Atlanta Hawks Saturday night Vince Carter became the first NBA player to appear in four different decades. Carter was the fifth overall selection in the 1998 draft, starting for the Toronto Raptors that fall. Twenty-two years later he’s still playing, coming off the bench now but providing valuable minutes and fan interest for the otherwise lowly Hawks.

In other news, somewhat related, I suited up in my fourth decade as well, playing gigs Friday and Saturday nights, my first such appearances in the 2020s. I turned pro about the same time Vince Carter did, and I too now share the stage with players who weren’t even born when I began my career. Their loss.

Vince says the 2019-2020 NBA season will be his last, meaning four decades will be it.

Let the record show I plan to light it up in a few more.

Back home

After spending a few days in Tucson, Arizona, I’m back home in Northern Virginia. Made it just in time to celebrate the new year and all that jazz.

Actually I’m just glad to be back where it’s warm!

Holiday spirit

I’m now in the habit of saying “Happy Holidays,” and not just Merry Christmas.

It’s not that I’m trying to be politically correct. I really do like New Year’s more than Christmas, and there are just so many other holidays to choose from these days.

Festivus, Kwaanza, college football bowl games…

Tell me this whole month isn’t awesome.