Sprain, strain, pray for rain

My gimpy knee is going to keep me on the bench for my rec league softball game this evening. However, weather forecasts as they are we might not play anyway.

So I’m cautiously optimistic.

I’m reminded of an episode of Seinfeld, however, in which Jerry must attend a funeral and miss the “Improv”‘s company softball game. As luck would have it the game was rained out. Which was great until Jerry lost the game for his team when it was made up.

Really I just have too much time to think about these things.

Let’s Go, Mets!

Still glowing from an improbable Football Team victory Thursday night (no coverage here: that’s what you get for posting early!), and having sweated out another Notre Dame victory Saturday afternoon, I found myself with little to watch football-wise Saturday and Sunday evenings. (Well, a million games I don’t care about.)

Enter ESPN’s latest 30 for 30 offering, “Once Upon a Time in Queens.” The story of the 1980s Mets, culminating in their World Championship in ’86, “Queens” isn’t the happiest saga ever told, but 30 for 30 episodes never are. (It’s ESPN, remember.)

The ’80s Mets were known as party boys, frat boys, bad boys: players known for their drug problems and management known for its racism. The fans? They were known for all of those things too.

In other words, perfect drama for 30 for 30.

If you’ve followed baseball at all the past 35 years you know all these stories already. You’ve seen replays of all the well-known games, including each contest in the ’86 Mets’ two classic playoff series.

Did I care I’d seen it all before?

Not in the slightest.

Four hours of my life very well spent.

They must’ve gotten an advance copy

On next week’s episode of Math and Musings (available wherever podcasts are sold) I discuss my frustration with the NFL and “football” in general for keeping the put-my-product-on-traditional-television model of content delivery. Even old white man sports such as baseball and golf are delivering via the Internet these days rather than old school “TV.”

Well, someone must’ve gotten an advance copy of the show.

Last night’s season-opening contest between the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers?


Cord cutters rejoice.

And damn what a game it was.

It’s we, a-Wario!

New new obsession in the O’Connell household… WarioWare: Get It Together!

This is the tenth installment (so the Internet claims) in the WarioWare series, and the first since 2018. My roommates and I have been playing the demo version just released (free sample… clever), ready to buy the full game when it releases this Friday.

Officially a “minigame party game,” WW:GIT really takes mini to the extreme. Most “games” last about a second and a half, and yeah, it feels like and eternity when one actually goes two or three ticks on the clock.

I guess they figure that’s all the attention span anyone really has any more.

Because the world is more than episodes of Ted Lasso

New family obsession in the O’Connell household is Bake Squad, Netflix original series hosted by Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi. It’s basically Milk Bar on TV, and manages to entertain all three (very different) members of the O’Connell clan.

What I like most about Bake Squad is that it’s not really a contest. (Wikipedia calls it “lightly competitive.”) There’s no prizes or immunities or elimination rounds, just awesome bakers doing awesome things. Kind of a cross between Cake Boss and Saturday morning cartoons.

Netflix dropped eight episodes a few weeks ago and we’ve nearly completed the season. The episode we watched (together!) last night featured a cake for a “royal winter wonderland” wedding. Cristophe and Maya-Camille put together a “throne room scene consisting of orange soda cakes with cranberry filling shaped as crown pillows, orange custard tarts, and decorative sugar showpiece.”

Yup, that just about describes it.

I’m sticking with “you never know”

Seen yesterday around the halls of an unnamed middle school in Virginia, a variation of some type of rain dance, visions of school cancellations frolicking about student minds. A few teachers’ minds too.

Hurricane Ida, like all hurricanes (even when “downgraded” to tropical storms) is no laughing matter. Thankfully my schoolmates and I are far from the major brunt of the storm, so the theatrics were just that.

Still, though, you never know.

Remember… last March 11 I didn’t think they’d close down the schools for a year either.