No fair!

No fair! No fair!

Today was the day I was supposed to report on Opening Day of the baseball season.

So much for that.

My only salvation is that MLB teams have not officially cancelled any games yet, just postponed them in some kind of clever bookkeeping trick.

Which means Nationals, Inc. is hanging on to my 60 bucks until that game isn’t played!

Free and time are four-letter words

Really can’t complain about the amount of free time I’ve had the past week or two. Free time in which we’re not allowed to do anything. #ironicpunishment

I guess I never realized how much time I devoted to silly things like following sports. Yeah, it was a lot. Without sports I’ve got little to read about, little to blog about, and little to talk about with my friends. Which I guess is okay, because I’m not allowed to talk to my friends anyway.

Man this coronavirus sucks. And to think that after 37 and a half years of life I’d sort of just gotten it together.


Anything but corona

These days, with everything going on in the world, and little of it good, it’s refreshing to hear, well, anything that isn’t about coronavirus, the Apocalypse, or both.

Tom Brady going to the Buccaneers? I don’t care whether it’s true or not–sign me up for that news story!

Full stop

For the past 30 years on this date I have purchased a copy of USA Today to check out its “March Madness” preview. Sometimes it would be the only newspaper I purchased the whole year. (And yes, in recent years sometimes they have done it on Tuesday instead of Monday and I actually ended up buying it two days in a row, but you get the idea.)

In 2014 I began taking a photo every year on this date of me and my son holding up a copy of the day’s paper. We’re usually smiling; this year we’re not. I took our 2020 photo last Friday, with the sports-page headline of The Washington Post : “Full stop.”

Full stop indeed.


No laughing matter

Most of what I post on this blog is straight fluff, amusing I hope, but in the broader scheme of things, barely worth the paper it’s not written on.

Coronavirus, however… that’s some serious words you can’t say in church.

Have I been grossly underreacting thus far? Am I the fool for not being a total alarmist about this?

Well, I’ve jumped on the alarmist bandwagon now.

I just hope the wagon has a destination we can look back from.