Baseball’s getting interesting

My hometown Washington Nationals dropped two of three to the Atlanta Braves this weekend. Still, it was fun to see games that actually mattered this far into July. Don’t look now, but if the playoffs started today, the Nats would be in; they’ve actually got the best record among non-division leaders in the N.L.

It would be funny if this were the year, right?

And hey… remember when the Phillies were supposed to run away with the thing?

Proof again that you never know.

He’s still Tiger Woods

Golf world was quick to turn on Tiger Woods, eh?

Just three months after his historic win at The Masters, when Woods again became darling of said golf world, he was “old” and “cold” in his opening round at yesterday’s British Open.

Folks, he’s still Tiger Woods.

Remember those old TV commercials where people said, “I’m Tiger Woods”?

Well, this guy really is.

And methinks he’ll be playing as such today.


Starting Monday my local town government will be employing goats to clear the vegetation from one of our public greenspaces.

This is what you do when your community has zero percent unemployment.

Zero percent human unemployment.

Whoa. Then whoa.

I was worried I was becoming one of those people who finds MLB’s annual Home Run Derby more interesting than the actual game the following evening. No, the game was awesome too.

Two for two, baseball. Nice job.

Home Run Derby

Someday I’ll tell my son about the “old days” of baseball’s Home Run Derby, back when it… wasn’t as good, actually, unlike most things that have changed over my lifetime.

Yes, the Home Run Derby in its current form is definitely made for the Selfie Generation. But the last two years have produced the greatest Derbies I’ve ever seen.

The Home Run Derby is one of the few places MLB has not lost significant ground in recent decades as far as fans and eyeballs and money. (Rightly or wrongly the gap between those who watch the Derby and those who watch the actual ASG keeps closing.) And if you haven’t heard, tonight there are one million more reasons to watch.

Not bad prize money for one night of work.

“Boxing Day” in July

There’s got to be a morning after, no? July 5 is one of those days.

I’ve said before that my two favorite holidays each year are New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. This has been true for 20 years. It’s only recently, though, that I’m now staying up later on July 4 than on December 31. (Fireworks don’t start early.)

Is this embarrassing or a sign I’m doing things right?

Politics aside, U.S. headed to soccer final

With its 2-1 victory over England yesterday, the United States women’s soccer team secured a birth in the World Cup Final Sunday evening in Lyon. Perhaps you knew this already.

Our national soccer team has been making quite a splash in recent weeks, not necessarily for what it has done on the pitch. Kind of a shame, considering the stream of stellar performances put forth by Team USA. Perhaps you were more familiar with the associated political comments on various social media sites.

It is said that the two best teams at this year’s World Cup are the American starting lineup and the American reserve squad. Yeah, we’re that good.

Know why?

Despite what you may have read on the Twitter, the United States of America is the place where people of both (all?) sexes are permitted to achieve. To excel. And to make money.

In other parts of the world (and at other times here and everywhere) women cannot play sports. They can’t vote. They can’t drive. They can’t be seen in public without their husbands or fathers. They can’t be seen at all beyond a narrow slit for their eyes through otherwise total body-obscuring garb. And they’re certainly not allowed to post political comments on Twitter.

It’s amazing to me that in the United States today it seems a greater act of bravery to stand with our country than against it. (Think about that for a minute.) Those who speak out against our current administration are feted. Those who side with our President and his associates are mostly laughed at or dismissed in some manner, no? (And the examples are few and far between.)

Okay, try criticizing the government in some random foreign country some time.

Let’s just say you won’t be starring on their soccer team.

God Save the Team

Yankee strategy for the remainder of the 2019 season: play more games overseas.

With their two-game sweep in London of the pesky Boston Red Sox the Bronx Bombers are now seven games up in the A.L. East, 11 over the aforementioned Sox.

Yankees: undefeated in England.

Undefeated here too. #1776