Wizards’ magic act fading fast

There’s a maxim I’ve asserted for many years and it is this: Ninety percent of sporting events are won by the better team. There’s always a better team, and they win 90 percent of games played, whether on sandlots, parking lots, or national television.

When I look at the 2016-17 Washington Wizards and their counterparts from Boston, I’m sorry to say that thems from Boston are simply the better team. And they’ve shown us as much in the first two games of their series. I’m still holding out hope, of course, as the Wiz now return home (where they have dominated in recent months), but I still remain realistic. This series, again, has me reading baseball scores with greater intent.

The Capitals, though? They’re the better team, and with a win tonight and a brand-new series, who knows how high they’ll inflate my expectations. Probably enough to have me say something stupidly optimistic on this very blog later this week!

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