Bill Nye the ubiquitous guy

Gotta hand it to Bill Nye, kid show science guy from 20 years ago somehow still relevant, and more than just in a has-been, nostalgic-y kind of way (though there is an element of that).

It helps that “environmentalism” writ large has become an increasingly discussed topic the past few decades, especially now among hipster millennials just aching for a real problem to solve in a world in which everything else comes pretty easily. Bill Nye’s in one of those enviable positions in which one’s public crusade is also somehow profitable, and allows one to hobnob with other celebrities, etc.

Bill’s our go-to guy for “science,” out Al Gore-ing even Al Gore these days. This week’s Parade magazine (the thing that shows up in your Sunday paper) features Nye and a couple “science” kids talking about the upcoming solar eclipse (coming to a planet near you on August 21). Yup, if there’s going to be an eclipse the man you want to interview about it is Bill Nye.

Bill’s also featured in this month’s issue of Playboy, becoming I believe the first person to appear simultaneously in those two legendary publications. In case you’re wondering, Bill is fully clothed, including his trademark bow tie, of which he claims to own 500.

Five hundred bow ties? Sounds like someone preparing for the Apocalypse.

Wait… Apocalypse? There’s an apocalypse approaching?

We’d better check this out.

Someone call Bill Nye.

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