Taking a stand

The most engrossing story in sports the past few days, of course, has been the great controversy surrounding the national anthem and how NFL players would observe said ceremony. This, of course, coming on the heels of President Trump’s declaration last Friday night of his opinion regarding such. In case you’ve been on Mars since last week, some choice words from the president and something about firing those who wouldn’t stand.

Unlike most people in the world, I like Donald Trump. I’ve liked him for 30 years. But this just wasn’t cool. I understand the sentiment, of course, but I also understand why someone wouldn’t want to stand for the anthem. We all have a right to protest. I get it. Not something I would do, but okay. But I don’t see the inherent evil in Trump’s comment. It was a juvenile grab at a cheap applause line from someone who obviously knew his audience. Classy? Hardly. Earth shaking? Hardly. Though everyone else seems to think it was Lexington, Concord, Pearl Harbor, and Rosa Parks all rolled into one.

What it may have done, perhaps, is actually unify the country for once. Trump unify the country? Tune in next week when pigs fly and Hell freezes over.

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