World Series brings it old school

I can’t help it… I’ve got Dodger fever this World Series. Let’s face it, they were the only team among baseball’s “final four” that didn’t eliminate one of the teams I actually like and follow during the regular season.

To last night’s game, I could have sworn I was watching a sandy-haired Sandy Koufax on the mound. Kershaw’s gem was outdone perhaps only by two relievers who were Dodger dominant as they have been all postseason. The way their bullpen can shut down a game really is ridiculous and completely unfair, considering they’ve also got Kershaw, Hill, and Darvish.

But the most amazing stat from yesterday’s game?

Kershaw’s 11 Ks? First-pitch home run from Chris Taylor?

How about two hours and 28 minutes?

Seriously? A World Series game? Two hours and 28 minutes? Fox didn’t know what to do with themselves between the end of the game and its cut to 11:00 newscasts. (More shots of David Ortiz’s shoes.)

In Los Angeles (and elsewhere on the west coast) the game ended only a few minutes after 7:30. Ended a few minutes after 7:30. It was practically a day game.

Day game? Dodgers? Dominating pitching? Was that Walt Alston I saw in the dugout?

If they’ve got Drysdale going today it’s not just Game One that’s going to be short.

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