This is just bizarre

An organization called the “New Virginia Majority Education Fund” has delivered several fliers to my home recently. These are full-color, high-gloss jobs, and as someone who used to be in the business (both actually… politics and the mails) I know these ain’t cheap.

The NVMEF (if I may) is promoting its “Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy,” urging me to vote on November 7. Vote exactly how and for whom I’m not sure, as the flier doesn’t list any candidates or ballot initiatives. “Paid leave!” “Affordable college!” “Living wages!” “Affordable elder care!” and other vague platitudes are pretty much all they got. “It shouldn’t be so expensive to live and raise a family here,” reads the advertisement. Exactly whom we’re putting the screws on to lower prices everywhere is a bit unclear. Just make things cost less? That’s how six-year-olds think.

“In a Family Friendly Economy, hardworking people would have more time and money to invest in themselves and the people they love. And Virginia businesses could attract and retain the best employees, helping strengthen our economy for everyone.”

One-eyed communism.

Here are a few things we might invest in first:

  1. Magical money trees.
  2. Suspension of the laws of economics.
  3. The rare ability that certain lawmakers possess in which they can spend money other people’s money on you without spending any of your money on anyone else.

What was the number of that ballot initiative again?

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