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It seems not everyone was convinced by Wednesday’s post on this site and the accompanying research of R. Alexander Pyron, suggesting that, in layman’s terms, human beings are the species worth saving here on planet Earth. For not one day later, while perusing the alumni magazine that occasionally arrives at my home (that would be the Fall 2017 edition of Binghamton University Magazine) I stumbled upon this gem in the campus news section:

Physical facilities workers built and installed more than 30 new ramps on the Connector Road to help yellow-spotted salamanders make their annual spring migration from woods to water in the Nature Preserve. Previous ramps, installed in the ’90s, created obstacles for snowplows; the new ramps are cut into the curbs.

Two things I often find myself saying:

  1. Where do I even begin?
  2. This is not a joke.

Don’t worry, though. I hear the salamanders are going to pay for it. Not up front, mind you, but I understand they’ve worked out a payment plan with the state legislature to reimburse all costs over a multi-year period, perhaps a payment in lieu of taxes arrangement concurrent with their unpaid bills from those “previous ramps.” We should start to see a return on investment very soon.

Thanks for making me look smart, BU.

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