Been at this for years

The Internet was all atwitter last night following a tweet from a certain president of ours that “we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming” in response to record low temperatures across much of the nation.

I have been making this joke for years, though I usually phrase it something like global warming, why have you forsaken us?!

The president’s comment is an attempt at humor. It’s a cheap joke. The man, though his talents may be many, is not a good comedian. His detractors should be thrilled he’s trying his hand at comedy rather than politics, just as I’ve suggested they should be thrilled by how often the guy plays golf (as opposed to, you know, spending time screwing up the country).

Meanwhile, the temperature outside my home really is about 17 degrees, and that’s probably as warm as it’s going to be all day.

Actually it’s going to be 70 all weekend where I’ll be.

New Year’s at home never looked so good.

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