Going old school

This past week I’ve had the opportunity–more than once, actually–to go to my local Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin (as it is called some places), it was announced this week, is cutting back not only on its name, but on its menu as well, reportedly eliminating a few of those silly items no one ever buys like steak and egg breakfast sandwiches and strawberry banana smoothies. Strawberry banana smoothies? At Dunkin Donuts? Yes, this had gone too far.

I tried explaining to my son that when I was a kid there were two items one could buy at Dunkin Donuts: doughnuts and coffee. And coffee was coffee. You either put cream and sugar in it or you didn’t, and it cost about 30 cents.

I knew something was wrong with the world when I couldn’t pronounce half the beverage options at Dunkin Donuts.

I’m happy to see this new trend.

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