Somebody Feed Phil

Exhibit seventeen million or so that the only good programming available on “TV” right now is original content streamed on Netflix is Somebody Feed Phil. Don’t let the stupid title fool you. The show is great.

A sort-of sequel to PBS’s I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (a great show with a great title), Somebody Feed Phil stars Philip Rosenthal, creator of Everybody Loves Raymond and a writer or producer of a dozen more movies, TV shows, documentaries, and short films. Phil’s the guy behind the scenes on a lot of what you already know and love.

Somebody Feed Phil (and its 2015 predecessor) give us Phil the actor and congenial host of a documentary-ish travel show about food. No, not about food. Amazing food from amazing out-of-the-way spots all over the world. “Jealous” is the word that describes your reaction to much of it, though Phil’s so charming you’re really not jealous at all; you’re happy for the guy and root for him to find more delicious food all over the world. It’s basically Eat Pray Love minus the pray and a much more down-to-earth version of love. Told by a funny Jewish guy who doesn’t take himself at all seriously, yet has a healthy respect for those he meets and for the cultures he encounters. Bottom line: You literally cannot feel sad watching this show.

Netflix dropped half a dozen episodes of Somebody Feed Phil two weeks ago and I already need more. Much, much more. I still haven’t gotten a straight answer on why the original (which aired on PBS in 2015) wasn’t picked up for more episodes. Especially strange considering that the rebooted version is even more PBS-ish than the original. Hmpf. Goes to show that Netflix just knows what it’s doing. To PBS: We do your shows better than you do them.

Now somebody, please… give me more of this show. Now!

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