Meanwhile, last night…

Three things from our nation’s capital last night…

  1. President Donald Trump delivers first State of the Union address. State of the union? It’s good. No surprises there.
  2. Down the street, at the arena formerly known as the Verizon Center (among other things)… your Washington Wizards defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder, snapping the Thunder’s eight-game winning streak. (Won with over 100 points: Hello, discount at Papa John’s today!)
  3. They both pale in comparison to this news… Redskins… agree to trade for… Alex Smith? What!? Alex Smith? Say it is so! Deal is worth north of $90 million but can’t officially be completed until the new league season begins in March. A lot can fall apart between now and then, but this is huge. Yuuge. On a big news night… this wins.
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