Super Bowl was, well… super

If you’d told me yesterday afternoon that the New England Patriots would score 33 points against the vaunted Philadelphia Eagles defense and that Tom Brady (greatest quarterback of all time, by the way) would end Super Bowl LII with over 500 yards passing, I would have said that at the end of the night the Pats would be hoisting that oblong trophy for the sixth time this century. The Eagles would sack Brady only once, late in the game, and Nick Foles would be the only QB throwing a pick. Yup, move the money to take New England minus whatever they’re giving up. It’s a lock.

Well, that’s why they play the game.

(Or insert your own clich├ęd phrase here.)

For the third time in four years the Super Bowl was, well… super, proving once again that there is no better TV than football on TV. This is the reason commercial television still exists.

(For now.)

And unlike the recent championship game at the college level (another great game, of course), I was pleased with the result of this one. The team with the better pedigree was knocked off its perch a bit, and that makes me happy. If the Patriots are the Alabama of the NFL (or Alabama the collegiate Patriots), then this was 2017, and Clemson just beat the Patriots. Every once in a while it’s nice to see #1 knocked around a little, though as we saw with Alabama this year, order in the football galaxy is often restored quickly.

Still, we can savor this one.

Never rooted for Philadelphia a day in my life before yesterday.

But I’m pretty sure I’m watching Rocky and eating a cheesesteak later today.

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