The Olympics are here

It’s that time again. Every so often I have the joy in being swept up in something I really have no business caring about. Can I name five people competing in this year’s Winter Olympics? Nope. Not today. Will I be an expert two weeks from now? Absolutely.

I know that many people who consider themselves “real” sports fans take offense to those who follow a particular sporting event only during its spotlight time. I suppose the classic example is the NCAA basketball tournament. I follow college basketball all year, not just in March, but I hold no grudge against people who become fans only when following their brackets. (Unless they’re beating me. In which case I despise them.)

If college basketball brings us March Madness, let’s call this February Madness. I’m one of the unchurched jumping in when it’s convenient. I’ll admit it. I’m a fair-weather fan of those foul-weather sports.

Me and a few billion other people.

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