This old line again

Wednesdays I usually like to write about politics. Here’s an oldie but a goody.

There’s a weekly paper in my community called the Loudoun Times-Mirror, usually good for a laugh or two. This past week there was a piece about tax breaks, etc. for “data centers” (and, presumably, other businesses), a favorite topic of mine.

Buddy Rizer, head of Loudoun County’s “economic development” office, trotted out the line of ultimate irony.

“You will not be competitive without this to somewhat level the playing field.”

Level the playing field?!


The whole point is to make the playing field as unlevel as possible. Does the Russian Olympic team give its athletes steroids to “level the playing field”? Do any of us try to do anything in life to “level the playing field”?

Do something foolish, then spin it to something it’s not.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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