This date is for memories and politics

The date March 2 means only one thing for me. This was the day, 12 years ago, that I lost my best friend for all eternity, Joe Sullivan, killed in an automobile accident at the age of 23. I’ve talked or written about this event a thousand times, and I’ve described how I’ve felt over the past dozen years just as many. I’ve often wondered (maybe you’ve wondered too) when I’d be able to say I’ve come to peace with it. Not over it, of course, for one could never be “over” such a thing… just at peace with it.

Nope. Never. I’m just as mad about it today as I was in 2006. More mad probably. I think of everything I would have told Joe or done with Joe. Ballgames, movies, life events. Nope. None of that. Missed every single one.

There’s a saying in the theatre that says the show must go on. Life goes on too. You know what else goes on? Silly ideas from politicians. I continue with this post, changing its macabre tone to a lighter one thinking¬†this is what Joe would have wanted.

You are no doubt familiar with the controversy involving Delta Airlines and the State of Georgia. That the Georgia legislature would end its sweetheart with Delta if the airline stopped giving discount airfares to NRA members. (These things are never about politics or “gun rights” or anything like that… they’re about money.) Seems as though this has come to bear. Following public pressure upon Delta (and every single American business) to cut ties with the NRA or to stake out new, more anti-gun political stances (by the way I’m completely fine with this), the airline giant cut its affiliation with the NRA. What followed was the passing of a new tax measure ending the lucrative tax break Delta (and other airlines) were receiving from the state. (“Leveling the playing field” no doubt… ha!)

So with Delta at odds with the State of Georgia and faced with losing a big chunk of the estimated $38 million in yearly tax breaks airlines were once receiving, other states started chomping at the bit. My own governor, a certain Dr. Northam, tweeted at Delta (that’s how you do it these days):¬†Hey @delta–Virginia is for lovers and airline hubs. You’re welcome here any time. Let me translate:¬†We’ll give you some of our taxpayers’ money!!!

Come on, Doc. You don’t want to appear desperate.

With news like this, who needs fiction?

I’d love to talk to you about this one, Joe.

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  1. Life DOES go on, and we wonder why. More cruel than the death of any person in my life I still feel cheated that Joe was ripped from us.

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