Championship night

Well, it’s not the final anyone wanted, but it’s still the finals of the NCAA Tournament and that drama rarely disappoints.

One of the things I love about it is that they do start the game so damn late. Nine-twenty Eastern is the tip time tonight. That’s great. Have the riffraff go to bed and let the real sports fans watch this one. As I’ve written before, this is #30 for me. The first NCAA Championship game I ever watched was in April of 1989, and featured these same Michigan Wolverines. Well, not the same Wolverines; the players tonight weren’t even born then. Look at the tape of that game some time and see how young Steve Fisher and P.J. Carlesimo look. Heck, I was young too.

I’d already gone to bed that evening and woke up only to see the overtime (won by Michigan, by the way). It’s one of the true bonding experiences I had with my father. Watching sports on TV late at night: classic.

Should I wake up my–nah, nevermind.

I will think about it though.

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