Championship Season

I usually think October is the best part of the sports year. Football’s in full gear, winter sports are starting up, and of course there is the World Series.

There are other spots on the calendar when fate smiles upon us as well, and the end of May happens to be one of them.

In case you’ve been on Mars (or outside Vegas or the D.C. area) you know the Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight. For better or worse hey’re up against Game Seven of the NBA’s Western Conference Finals, but this is why God invented picture in picture. (Or this thing called the “last” button.) Yesterday, of course, we were treated to the Cleveland LeBrons’ victory over the Boston Celtics in yet another Game Seven (first time since the ’70s that happened), and the Indianapolis 500 to boot. Enlightened readers will note the most popular sport in the world also had its “championship” match over the weekend, with the UEFA Champions League soccer final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Real Madrid won its third consecutive Champions League crown. Didn’t see it? You know more people watch that thing than watch the Super Bowl? Like way more.

This afternoon, of course, is also the NCAA championship lacrosse match between Duke and Yale (yes, that Yale) from Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. (I was there for it 10 years ago… how time flies.) Oh, that it could have been Albany, mere semifinalists in the tournament this year.

As they say in Albany… wait ’til next year… we’ll have steamed hams.

Mmmm… steamed hams.

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