Seven years in the making…

Still riding high off the Capitals’ Stanley Cup-winning victory last Thursday I give, as a gift to anyone who cares, the 319th episode of Politics After Dark. Why do I announce this one? It’s the first in nearly seven years.

For those of you who perhaps do not know the backstory, I hosted a weekly program on public access television in Binghamton, New York, from 2004-2011. The name of the show was Politics After Dark, and there were actually two separate stints, Version 1.0 and Version 2.0. In all I aired 318 episodes during those years, and in December 2011 vowed never to do another.


Not on public access but available to all via the magic of YouTube (I was doing YouTube before there was a YouTube), I give you Politics After Dark Version 3.0.

This is Episode #319:

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