This is offensive

Tuesday night my hometown Washington Nationals scored a franchise record 25 runs in their rout of the New York Mets. You can read about it here or just scroll down a little.

Last night the Nats put upĀ only 10 against the Reds, supporting the guy who needs no support, Max Scherzer.

Big offensive numbers are an anomaly these days, right? Hitting is way down and pitching is dominant? Everyone out there is Max Scherzer?

Consider that last night not only did the Nats score 10 runs, but the Red Sox scored 15 (against the Yankees no less). The Rangers put up 17 against the Orioles, and in L.A. the Dodgers scoredĀ 21 against the Milwaukee Brewers. (Not exactly Milwaukee’s best.)

Yup, no offense in today’s game.

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