Where was he coming from?

Being snowed in the past couple days has given me plenty of time to think. Not necessarily important things, but puzzling questions nonetheless. Here’s one example.

For years I watched Fred Rogers on Mister Rogers’ NeighborhoodYou remember how the thing used to start: Mr. Rogers walks in, takes off his coat, puts on a sweater, and changes into casual shoes. The thing that never occurred to me as a kid was where was he coming from?

Seriously. What was Mr. Rogers doing before he got “home.” Was he at work? And then at the end of the show he got dressed and headed back out. Was he going back to work? Was he just stopping by on his lunch break? And what exactly did he do for a living?

These are the things I’ve been thinking about.

I think it’s time for me to go back to work.

Wherever that is.


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