I can feel baseball in the air

They say the game is dominated by pitchers now.

Two of the best squared off yesterday at Nationals Park. That would be last year’s Cy Young winner, Jacob deGrom, and three-time Cy Young winner, Max Scherzer. Quite an Opening Day.

On the mound Mr. deGrom was just a little bit better than Mr. Scherzer, earning the win as the Mets beat my hometown Nationals, 2-0. Scherzer’s bugaboo, the home run, bit him in the first inning, as none other than newly-minted Met Robinson Cano connected for a first-inning blast. Cano’s presence in the Mets’ lineup and locker room is no doubt mostly to bring some gravitas and veteran leadership, though I’m sure the occasional game-winning home run doesn’t hurt either.

Cano’s 36 years old now, an old man playing a young man’s game. The first professional athlete I realized was younger than I was, Cano in fact is still younger than I am. Yesterday’s home run was the 312th of his career. One wonders how many more he has in him.

I’d say he was over the hill, but…

he’s younger than I am!

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