Good? Yes. Impossible? No.

Let it be known that I make it a point to try every new food item that comes down the pike. Hence Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich and many other much more questionable decisions over the years.

Somehow, though, the Impossible Whopper from Burger King had eluded me thus far. I’m not sure when it became available in Northern Virginia, but apparently as of a few weeks ago it’s now available nationwide. So no excuses. Get you one of these “plant-based, protein-filled patties” (their words). It’s good, sure, but then again I liked veggie burgers before I tried this one so I wasn’t exactly shocked. I wouldn’t call it impossible; after all, most veggie burgers do sorta taste like burgers, no? Anyway, it’s good.

Popeyes new chicken sandwich good?

No way.

Finding something to beat that one is going to be pretty…


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