Happy Friday Before Labor Day!

‘Round these parts we have a silly, made-up holiday called “the Friday before Labor Day.” (I do realize that all holidays are made up, but come on, this one was made up like a month ago!) Three-day weekend just isn’t enough for the tourism industry; they got us four.

Of course this means we must go to school one day further into June. The last day of school where I live is now June 10, not June 9. Students will be sitting in class on June 10 thinking I could have started my summer vacation today. And let’s face it, it won’t just be the students thinking that.

Well, that was my thought the last month after I heard about this new silly holiday. I’ll admit I thought it was a waste.

But at the end of the day yesterday, were the students complaining that the next day was a day off? Heck, you could have talked them into going until about June 27 to get today off.

I think the teachers were right there with ’em.

Happy Friday Before Labor Day!

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