Four decades… so far

When he suited up for the Atlanta Hawks Saturday night Vince Carter became the first NBA player to appear in four different decades. Carter was the fifth overall selection in the 1998 draft, starting for the Toronto Raptors that fall. Twenty-two years later he’s still playing, coming off the bench now but providing valuable minutes and fan interest for the otherwise lowly Hawks.

In other news, somewhat related, I suited up in my fourth decade as well, playing gigs Friday and Saturday nights, my first such appearances in the 2020s. I turned pro about the same time Vince Carter did, and I too now share the stage with players who weren’t even born when I began my career. Their loss.

Vince says the 2019-2020 NBA season will be his last, meaning four decades will be it.

Let the record show I plan to light it up in a few more.

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