Actually we needed other people after all

Funny, before a month ago or so I assumed the people of this world (myself included) were just moving toward more and more physical isolation from one another. We walk around with our eyes glued to our phones, we text people sitting across the room, and we conduct business without ever speaking to a human being.

Yet when we’re faced with actual isolation (“social distancing” is what we’re calling it–in case I’m reading this years from now), there’s a definite backlash.

Good, I guess. No?

We’re not in the Twilight Zone or a Bradbury novel just yet. All those years we were running home from work just so we could get to our screens and connect online… looks a lot different now that we don’t get to do the go-to-work-first part doesn’t it? Amazingly I miss that part, and I don’t think I’m alone.

Well, some day we can go back to just fantasizing about a world without going to work.

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