Jeopardy! goes old school

If you were watching Jeopardy! last night or the night before you were treated to something unusual.

Ken Jennings in the middle.

First, Monday…

Re-airing an episode that was originally broadcast on June 2, 2004, Jeopardy! went old school, showing the first time Jennings appeared on the show. Appeared human too, missing questions and betting only $2,000 on a Daily Double.

I think the most amusing scene was Ken’s contestant interview. Rather than telling a story about his wife or kids or anything silly like that, he took time to thank the anonymous strangers who had rescued him along a Nevada highway some unknown time ago.

If that had been the only time he’d appeared on the show it would have been a pretty weak story. Good thing for Ken he had 75 more times to chat with Alex about, well, Jesus, by the time they were done they were like old friends weren’t they?

Last night  Jeopardy! pulled one from the vaults as well, this time going back only a few months to its million-dollar “Greatest of All-Time” challenge.

Ken, though positioned in the middle, looked like the Ken Jennings we know.

Damn that guy’s good at Jeopardy!

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