Reliving childhood yet again

Still looking for useful things to watch on Hulu. Well, there are a few, but they can easily be seen elsewhere.

What Hulu lacks, of course, and Netflix lacks, and Amazon lacks, is anything from The Walt Disney Company. Disney got its own service, you see.

Last night I watched a movie on Disney+ I hadn’t seen in at least a decade…  Return to Oz. Released in 1985,  Return to Oz is one of a thousand “sequels” to The Wizard of Oz, and on a very short list of sequels actually worth watching. It’s also terrifying, and I have no idea why I was allowed to watch it as a kid, let alone watch it 300 times. Thirty-five years later it’s still fantastic. And it’s great to hear the word “TikTok” without meaning a stupid Internet video.

I keep finding ways to relive my childhood. It’s actually pretty great.

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  1. That was my little brother’s favorite movie when he was three or four, although he was terrified of the Wheelers. We shared a room and when he was being a jerk, I’d start making squeaking noises and telling him that the Wheelers were coming.

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