Finding amusement in little things

While perusing the nutritional labels of my pantry items the other day (quarantine life) I came across an unusual description on my can of PAM spray butter. Actually, no, it’s not PAM, it’s Wegmans brand, and actually it’s not spray butter either, it’s “cooking spray, butter flavor.” (Apparently both “PAM” and “butter” are copyrighted.”) But here’s the best part… serving size: “1/5 sec. spray.”

“Hey, Google… set timer for one-fifth of a second!”

Stranger still is that every single value following the serving size is either zero or zero percent. I’m assuming that these values are something like 0.499 and conveniently round down for the 1/5 of a second serving. Some guy in a lab coat somewhere is figuring out that at a quarter or a third of a second you’d have to admin that the product actually contains nutritional value.

Actually his quote was something like, “I came into the office forĀ this?”


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