End of an era?

It dawned on me yesterday that in the virtual-schooling era we are never going to have a “snow day,” or any other cancellation because we can’t get to school. Connectivity issues cancelling school maybe, but not weather.

And come to think of it, even if (no… when!) we do go back to in-person classes, will we ever cancel school for any reason ever again? We’re already in like the worst crisis in world history and we’re still having school; I don’t think a few flakes of snow is going to do it. And speaking of which, that issue–closing school because there’s a trace of snow on the ground–just became more acute. Now that we know we can go to school online, is there ever a reason to send the buses out when there’s even a flake of snow on the ground? Or it’s below about 43 degrees?

Talk about a new world we’re living in.

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