Christmas comes early

Even if you know nothing about jazz.

Even if you don’t know who Dave Brubeck is.

Even if you’ve been on another planet the past 60 years with your fingers in your ears…

you’ve heard the standard “Take Five” and, likely, the other half dozen songs on the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s historic album, Time Out.

(That “Take Five” piano vamp is now stuck in your head. You’re welcome.)

Time Out was the first jazz album to sell a million copies (it has since doubled that), and was later inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

And now… you’ve got more of it.

Yeah, 60-plus years after it was first released, “Brubeck Editions” (whoever that is–Columbia released the original album) has dropped 43 minutes of alternate takes and studio chatter. This is not a collector’s Christmas gift. It’s a collector’s wet dream.

I know every note of every song on Time Out. And I thought I was going to be listening to Outtakes with a pencil and paper, trying to decipher the subtle differences between the two. Nope. In most cases my six-year-old could hear it in about three notes. The takes are very different. And, though I miss what could have been a great challenge, shows the development of a song and album in studio, and adds to the Brubeck mystique.

And portends the awesome future awaiting us all.

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