Because the world is more than episodes of Ted Lasso

New family obsession in the O’Connell household is Bake Squad, Netflix original series hosted by Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi. It’s basically Milk Bar on TV, and manages to entertain all three (very different) members of the O’Connell clan.

What I like most about Bake Squad is that it’s not really a contest. (Wikipedia calls it “lightly competitive.”) There’s no prizes or immunities or elimination rounds, just awesome bakers doing awesome things. Kind of a cross between Cake Boss and Saturday morning cartoons.

Netflix dropped eight episodes a few weeks ago and we’ve nearly completed the season. The episode we watched (together!) last night featured a cake for a “royal winter wonderland” wedding. Cristophe and Maya-Camille put together a “throne room scene consisting of orange soda cakes with cranberry filling shaped as crown pillows, orange custard tarts, and decorative sugar showpiece.”

Yup, that just about describes it.

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