Lakers now are thriving

Call it the reverse curse.

I write about some failing organization, then all of a sudden it starts to do well.

Case in point, this season’s Los Angeles Lakers, home to seven of the greatest basketball players this century, somehow, up to this weekend, actually losing games from time to time.

Post goes up Monday morning, team plays Monday evening.

Beats the Charlotte Hornets in overtime.

Consider the following stats.

Anthony Davis? Thirty-two points and 12 rebounds.

Carmelo Anthony? Twenty-nine points, including seven of ten on three-pointers.

DeAndre Jordan? Eight rebounds in 11 minutes.

Dwight Howard? Nine rebounds in 15 minutes.

Rajon Rondo? Eight assists in 12 minutes.

Russell Westbrook? Yeah, triple-double. No big deal.

LeBron? Didn’t even need to play.

These are the 21-22 Lakers.

You’re welcome.

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