Math and brewings

About every 20 minutes I get an e-mail from Dunkin’ (the gourmet coffeehouse once known as Dunkin’ Donuts) advertising its holiday creations. Among their other hyphenated offerings (I prefer my coffee unhyphenated) is something called the white mocha hot chocolate. (A dangerous number of adjectives on that one.)

Scrolling a bit further I came across the nutritional information re: this beverage. Even the small is 400 calories, and the extra large is a mind-boggling 900. More incredible still is its sugar content, weighing in at 132 grams. (Is there a metric unit for tenths of a kilogram? This one’s got more than one of those.)

FDA guidelines on such things suggest one consume 50 grams of sugar per day. Yeah, 50… per day. The beverage in question contains 264% of that.

Oh, this has got math class written all over it.

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