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Elections, politics, blah,blah, blah.

Here’s some real news.

Earlier this week I made a visit to Kura Revolving Sushi Bar in Tysons, Virginia.

Tysons is sometimes referred to as Tysons Corner, but will now forever be known as “the home of Kura Sushi,” because this is the future of all dining. I really can’t see myself going to any other restaurant the rest of my life.

You’re probably thinking I’ve never heard of this place. Well, more than 400 locations in Japan but only about 30 spread across the United States. The one in Tysons is actually the second in the D.C. area, but as I avoid D.C. as a metonym (see above), I also avoid it literally.

Kura Sushi might be the one reason to go.

I usually hate all things new and modern and tech-heavy, but Kura Revolving Sushi Bar does it right. “Revolving” is not just puffery. You really do sit around a sort of carousel, on which plates of delicious food, sushi and otherwise, pass by. Want something? Grab it. Seriously, just grab the plate off the conveyor belt. Don’t see the thing you want? Use the touch screen menu in front of you and… it comes on the conveyor belt. Actually a different conveyor belt, and this one stops at your table.

Your mind not blown yet?

Your drinks are delivered by a robot.

Seriously. Think Rosie the robot maid.

You can go your whole meal without speaking to a human being, but if you’re missing that personal touch just call one–using your touch pad. Yeah, the Larry David dream of summoning waiters with a bell is now here, but in a much less obnoxious fashion.

This is what politicians should be debating.

This is the future.

And it tastes delicious.

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