New respect for Pope

I’ve written previously about Pope Francis (see “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?,” Dec. 13, 2013), so I don’t feel as though I need to rehash how I feel about his economic illiteracy and completely ignorant platitudes that fall somewhere between pathetic self-help books and fortune cookies.

Instead, I thought I’d write today about how I’ve completely changed my mind about Pope Francis and think he’s playing the part exactly as he should.


Keep in mind I still think he’s wrong about everything. Every. Single. Thing. That being said, why wouldn’t he use his platform and his place in society to say whatever the balls he wanted? Greedy corporations? Global warming? Selfishness? Consumerism? Yeah, I would rail against it all. You know why?

No one is actually listening and I don’t have any real power. Zero. I’m a streetcorner hippie who happens to have a giant microphone and fawning media accomplices. Well played, Pope, well played.

Gotta give the guy credit, too, for dining with the homeless rather than Washington elites. Stick it to the people whose reason d’être is feeling important and better than everyone else. I’m giving it to the pope on this one, who just doesn’t care how important you think you are.

Hippies are cool like that.

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